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March News Archive

Cruises 'offer plenty of freedom for kids'

When it comes to packing up some kids' sunscreen and booking a family holiday, a cruise could be the perfect choice.

Could sun hats add 70s style to a summer look?

If women want to be stylish as well as protected from the sun this year, big summer hats could be the way to go.

Skin safety tips offered to sun seekers

Wearing a sun hat is among the advice that has been issued to people planning on spending time outdoors this summer.

Sunscreen 'can prevent ageing of the skin'

Slathering on products such as Sunsense sunscreen could help people to fight some of the signs of ageing, it has been suggested.

Many sunny destinations 'perfect for property investment'

A number of Brits could be packing their sunscreen and thinking about relocating to warmer climes.

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