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Fun ways to stay active this spring

With the weather finally improving and the school holidays fast-approaching, now is the perfect time to get the whole family outdoors to make the most of the fresh air and enjoy some spring activities.

However, while cycling, walking and swimming are all very well, why not be a little adventurous and branch out and try something new this year?

And the good news is that you don't have to look far or have to splash out large amounts of cash to get stuck into something new, as across the UK there is a whole range of fun, exciting and original family activities just waiting to be enjoyed.


Many people assume that you have to live near the coast or a big rural river to get involved with kayaking, but in fact there are many places where you can have a go at this sport, with centres in a number of cities as well as in the countryside.

There are several categories of kayaking ranging from extreme white water rapids to a gentle paddle down the river, so you can enjoy this sport whatever your age or ability, and it s ideal for improving upper body strength.

Ultimate Frisbee

While most of us consider Frisbee to be a gentle game that we play on the beach with the kids, over the past few years a faster and more exciting version has come to the fore that involves throwing, blocking, dropping and stalling.

The best way to get involved with this game is to join a club and once you're secure with the rules you can get friends and family involved and set up your own games in the park.

Rock climbing

Although anyone can have a go at rock climbing indoors at sports centres during the winter, as the weather starts to improve it's even more fun to grab your waterproof jacket, climbing shoes and ropes and go climbing outdoors.

You'll be surprised at how many places offer rock climbing, so call around your local outward bound centres to see what's available. Coastal areas offer some of the best scenery for rock climbing but in terms of terrain you might be better heading in land to more mountainous regions of the country.

Outdoor yoga

If you're keen to make the most of the great outdoors but fancy doing an activity where you can relax as well as tone up and get fit, then you may want to roll out your mat and have a go at outdoor yoga.

In fact, many yoga teachers believe that being close to nature and practising in the great outdoors is the best way to get the most out of your yoga.

"We usually use sensation, such as the rise and fall of the chest or feeling of air in the back of throat," Lisa Marie Haley, a yoga teacher at Stanford University, explained to the Yoga Journal.

"Outdoors offers another level to focus on - the smell of nature, such as the ocean, pine, grass. When you start to smell the outdoors, it's as if nature wants us to be present and breathe deeply."

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