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Sun Hats

Sun Protection 

Protect your skin with a stylish sun hat

Whether you're working in the garden, off on a beach holiday, browsing for bargains at a boot sale or taking a stroll in the great outdoors, a wide-brimmed sun hat is a great way to protect your face, head, shoulders and neck from the sun.

Here at Sun-Togs, we offer an array of fashionable headwear and protective clothing for the entire family, sun hats for women and men, as well as items for kids and babies. Not only do our products provide excellent shading from the sun, but they are made from fabrics with high ultraviolet protection factors (UPFs), which prevent UV rays from travelling through the materials.

Why wear a summer hat?

Sunshine is vital for life on earth. It provides essential energy for plants, which results in the creation of oxygen and food for animals. It also helps our skin to produce vitamin D, while a lack of sunlight has been linked with conditions like seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and rickets.

However, exposure to the sun - particularly its ultraviolet (UV) radiation - can also lead to problems ranging from sunburn and premature aging to skin cancer. It can also aggravate certain conditions, such as rosacea. This is why sun hats for babies, kids and adults are so important.

Even when it's not bright out, it's important to protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Indeed, just because the sky is overcast doesn't mean you won't get sunburn or suffer invisible skin damage.

On cloudy days, we still get light from the sun and if light can make it through, so can UV rays. In fact, about 80 to 85 per cent of UV rays pass through the clouds. These become scattered and this can actually cause more skin damage. Meanwhile, if you're spending time in or around a body of water - or snow - the reflective surface may further increase the problems.

By wearing protective headwear, you will shielding your skin from the harmful UV radiation. To further protect your skin, products like broad-spectrum sunscreen, protective lip balm and sun glasses should also be worn.

Choosing the perfect hat 

If you're shopping for sun hats, be sure to consider the type of activities that you'll be participating in. For example, if you will be looking down a lot (such as when doing work in the garden), you'll want something that will protect the back of your neck.

Products with big floppy brims are a great option, as they provide a large amount of shade. However, if you'll be moving around quickly, or if it's windy this type of hat could fly away. Other options include sports caps, visors and smaller brimmed hats.

When it comes to selecting children's sun hats, be sure to choose something that the kid in question will enjoy wearing - this will help to ensure they keep it on.

Our range of protective headwear for boys comes in stylish designs and fun colours. Meanwhile, the selection of girls' sun hats includes items that even the most fashion-savvy girl will love.

For adults, options include women's and men's sun hats from brands like White Rock and Wallaroo.

Shop online with Sun-Togs

As experts in providing protective clothing, Sun-Togs offers a wide range of products, providing a one-stop shop for the entire family. Ordering online is easy and secure and we strive to despatch items as quickly as possible, so you won't have to wait to enjoy the best sun protection possible.